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A new fashion that has been exploding in recent years is undoubtedly the flower crown, which draws inspiration from the Ukrainian tradition but which has become a must-have in USA weddings and popular all over the world. With large or small flowers, with pastel colors or simply with white roses, the flower crowns are perfect for both the bride and bridesmaids, instead of the classic bouquets, and perfect for the little

The famous online magazine dedicated to weddings "Bridal Musing", dedicates the article to us, describing the wedding of our newlyweds Annika and Johannes in the splendid setting of Villa Sermolli in Buggiano Castello in Tuscany. A fairytale wedding, the entire setting dominated by soft colors, from the white candlelight of roses and lisianthus to the inevitable green of the eucalyptus, all enriched by the inevitable

Many call them wedding traditions, superstitions or beliefs, whatever the name many are the details we must respect and on which to pay attention. To have a long and happy marriage with the ending “and they lived happily ever after” there are some rules to take into account before the fateful “Yes, I do”. The Bride has to wear 5 things: Something New: it symbolizes the new life

This is the first question brides ask themselves in order to plan their day flawlessly. In order to be able to organize your wedding day in every detail without getting too anxious, it is recommended to start at least 12 months before the wedding date. But the question is… where to start? Surely the choice of a location is one of the first fundamental steps where to start. Depending

First of all, let's start with the question: what is a Tableau de Mariage?  It is a large billboard, on which the names of your guests are written. Usually placed on an easel, positioned at the entrance to the room where the reception will take place, in order to direct your guests to the place assigned to them. Each guest will be assigned a table, usually with no more than 10 people, which will have