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  •  Uncategorized   •  WEDDING TRADITIONS!


Many call them wedding traditions, superstitions or beliefs, whatever the name many are the details we must respect and on which to pay attention.

To have a long and happy marriage with the ending “and they lived happily ever after” there are some rules to take into account before the fateful “Yes, I do”.

The Bride has to wear 5 things:

  • Something New: it symbolizes the new life together that the newlyweds will live together.
  • Something Old: a bond with the past that the Bride will carry with her in the construction of her new family.
  • Something given as a Gift: it indicates the affection of our loved ones, taking with you a little of that person who gave you the gift
  • Something Borrowed: similar to “something given”, it symbolizes union with friends or relatives and loved ones
  • Something Blue: indicates sincerity of the bride, so just wear a small bow or a ribbon or a small jewel of this color. The bride usually wears the garter with bows of this color.

The delivery of the bride’s bouquet is an important part of the traditions, as the bouquet must be given as a present by the future husband as a symbol of the last gift as fiancee and delivered to the bride’s home by the mother-in-law, a symbol of passing the baton with the future daughter-in-law.
This bouquet will then be thrown by the bride at the end of the wedding day to a group of single girls and whoever takes it will be the next to get married.
The same goes for the throwing of the garter by the groom towards the celibate guests, whoever takes it will be the next to get married.

… other traditions …

Even the veil hides an important meaning, it is said that it protects the bride from the evil eye or from evil spirits.

The throwing of confetti, which once used to be rice as a symbol of fertility, is a good omen for a large family.

The bridesmaids, very popular in recent years, have become a wedding trend! But let’s go back a bit in time, the bridesmaid in the the history of ancient Rome takes on a meaning linked to the possible presence of evil spirits who did not look favorably on the brides, so the bride’s friends dressed like the bride to deceive these spirits and protect her.


Last but not least, remember to let your husbands pick you up before entering your new house, the aim is only to avoid tripping over the long white dress, which would indicate bad omens for the couple.

Do you also follow traditions?

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