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  •  Bride   •  Bridal bouquet: discover the meaning of flowers

Bridal bouquet: discover the meaning of flowers

What is the meanings of flowers? Which one to choose for my bridal bouquet?

If you have asked yourself these questions we can help you, below we will list some of the best known and most chosen flowers by future brides. Among the most chosen flowers there are certainly Callahs, Orchids, Peonies and of course Roses, of every variety and color.


Let’s start from Callah Lillies

Callah Llly is a symbol of elegance, purity and femininity. It is a flower with an unmistakable appearance, its shape reminds us of a heart containing small yellow pistils inside. The name Calla derives from the Greek kalos and means precisely beautiful, fascinating.



Orchid is among the most chosen flowers by brides who want a simple bouquet but in the same way want to play with shapes and colors.

In fact, we can find it in many shades, starting from classic white to timeless pink, or daring with lilac, blue and serenity.

Its long stem and full of flowers allows us to create cascading or pointed bouquets.

Orchids are perfect for those who want to give an “exotic” style to their bouquet like a very romantic beach wedding. They symbolize eternal love.


For more romance … Peony.

Synonymous of elegance and luck, it is also called the rose without thorns, it is a symbol of the most romantic love stories.

The most popular color for weddings is the classic white peony, as a sign of the bride’s purity. The soft pink sarah bernhardt is a symbol of shyness while the more intense pink is associated with those with a stronger personality. The season that has just ended saw the Marsala-colored peony as “muste have” which with its intensity declares deep feelings for explosive personalities.


And finally Roses … the most popular flower.

The Rose is undoubtedly the flower most chosen by brides. Whether it is white, yellow, pink or red, large or small, it is undoubtedly the evergreen of the world of flowers.

A timeless classic with unparalleled charm and elegance!
The white rose expresses elegance, purity and innocence;
The pink rose is synonymous with depth of soul;
The red rose tells of passion and visceral love;
The yellow and orange roses signify vitality and satisfaction;

We have only seen some of the most famous flowers usually chosen by our brides.

We could also continue with more particular flowers such as hydrangeas, tulips or anemones but undoubtedly the latest fashion of the moment is wildflowers.

More and more brides are looking for “simple flowers”, this category includes daisies, poppies, lavender, chamomile, bluebells, olive branches and wildflowers.


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