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  •  Wedding   •  Making a perfect imperial table with no mistakes

Making a perfect imperial table with no mistakes

The imperial table appears to be the latest fashion of the moment;
As its name suggests it creates a great WOW effect! But beware of some small errors that would make the WOW effect an OUT effect!

Here are the 6 crucial points to follow to achieve a great scenic effect.

1. The choice of location

Space is undoubtedly an aspect that should not be underestimated. The choice of location is essential to ensure movement, not only for the guests who get up, but above all for the catering that will serve you the dishes. The entire table must “breathe”, so as to let the romantic atmosphere flow smoothly, so that guests can notice all the details that surround them without having to worry about elbowing left or right to get up!

2. The width of the table

The imperial table is not simply a long rectangular table. In fact, rectangular tables are usually about 75 cm wide, have you ever seen such a narrow imperial table? In fact, there are measures to be respected, from a minimum of 1m wide, up to 1.5m, so that between the diners, placed one in front of the other, there is enough space not only for the mise en place but also for the floral decoration, the focal point of every imperial table.

3. The distance of the guests

Not only the width, but also the distance between the guests is fundamental, in fact we start from a minimum of 65 cm, a measurement that starts from the center of the plate to the center of our neighbor’s plate, up to the most comfortable distance of 70 cm. In this way it will be easy to calculate how long the table should be based on the guests attending.


4. The decorations

The choice of floral decoration in the imperial table can be divided in 2 ways:

The first choice, undoubtedly the most scenic and impressive, is the creation of a runner of meters and meters of floral arrangements, candelabra, vases and candles that, whatever the chosen style, create an unparalleled WOW effect. A riot of flowers to leave the guests breathless! If, on the other hand, we are looking for something refined but at the same time simple, we can opt for a runner, in fabric that runs along the center of the imperial table.

The type of fabric will be based on the style of the location and the style of the entire wedding, it can be more or less colorful while retaining some floral arrangements and some delicate candles without weighing the entire table too much. The runner can also be represented by a simple interweaving of ornamental green and colored or white flowers between one branch and another.

Go to the Gallery to see more photos.

I’d rather have roses on my table than diamonds around my neck.

(Emma Goldman)

tavolo imperiale

5. The alignment

L’effetto ottico è quello che conta e allora attenzione agli allineamenti!
The optical effect is what matters, so pay attention to the alignments! In the Imperial table, the general optical effect is fundamental, even a single glass or cutlery out of place could change the scenic effect of the entire table. So be careful when ordering place cards, menus and napkins, everything must be coordinated. So to make sure this is respected, trust the florist. Fiori Fiori always has an eye for detail.

6. The arrangement of the guests with the tableau de mariage.

The tableau de mariage for the imperial table is usually very simple to make compared to the classic round tables.
The advantage is that it does not matter to assign a specific theme and you avoid the embarrassment of gathering people who are often completely unknown or even leaving tables half empty. A simple frame with the rectangular design of the table and the names of the guests on each side will be sufficient to indicate their seat, which they will find in the place marker that you will place on the plate.

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